This mother’s day, take 2

Heidi Reitz writes:

I just returned from China last night as part of my volunteer work for Love Without Boundaries. My husband is an avid reader of your blog and directed me to your link. I wanted to thank you for highlighting this [Katherine Kersten Star Tribune] column on your blog for Mother’s Day. Gong Lu’s story has touched many of us who volunteer for LWB and we are happy to put the spotlight on spirit of a Chinese orphan and on the love of doctors and families in the USA who are freely giving to help these children.

Being the mom of 6 children, including 2 daughters from China, I have a passion for helping these vulnerable children. Over the years, I have researched many foundations working with Chinese orphans and I applaud their work. However, I have not seen any foundation like LWB, whose volunteers give so much of themselves and can operate with such low overhead (1.7%) and are able to reach so many children. Not only does LWB value each child, but it is one of the few foundations that I know of that is responsible for actively following up with donors on the progress of the children/program that they chose to sponsor.

Thank you for you blog!
Heidi Reitz
Sartell, MN
Board of Directors for Love Without Boundaries


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