Tom Wolfe in full

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. captures the essential Tom Wolfe in this piece for the Washington Times. As in this passage:

Mr. Wolfe lectures with the vigor of youth, animating his witty insights with eyes popping, a tongue darting across his lips, broad smiles, and dramatic hand gesticulations, especially when he comes upon one of his “aha” findings, to wit, some insight or story that explains Everything. In Washington the other night he spoke for over an hour without notes. He barely broke a sweat. He leaped from sociology to neuroscience to literature (he has a special place in his heart for the French “naturalist” Emile Zola) and on through history to elucidate The Human Beast, that is to say you and me.

As it happens, Tyrrell was at the Bennett book party discussed below. I’m still a novice on the Washington party circuit, but I’ve already figured out that any party Tyrrell is at has a chance to be a fun party. Especially if you get to talk to Tyrrell.


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