Tune In to the Northern Alliance

Tomorrow from 11 to 1 central, I’ll be on as usual with the Fraters guys on 1280 AM the Patriot. At Fraters Libertas, by the way, the Elder notes that Twin Cities radio ratings have just come out, and the Patriot’s ratings are up 25% over a year ago. And that doesn’t count our internet stream or our podcasts. Air America, for what it’s worth, doesn’t even make the list.

No guests tomorrow, just two hours of talk about the issues of the day. No doubt we’ll discuss the latest NSA story, the President’s TV address on Monday–will he take my advice, or won’t he?–and all of the other top stories of the week.

For what it’s worth, by the way, I disagree with PoliPundit. I’m pretty sure the President hasn’t booked prime time on Monday night to repeat what he’s said before. I think we’ll see a sharp course change that will gladden the hearts of conservatives, and, for that matter, Americans in general.

If you disagree, call in tomorrow and tell us why.



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