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Reader Richard Wheeler sends us a copy of his message to Sergeant Dave Thul, serving with the Minnestoa National Guard in Iraq:

Dear Sgt. Thul:

I recently read Scott Johnson’s post on powerlineblog.com in which he reported that you and your Minnesota National Guard unit are serving in Iraq and are short on reading material, especially materials with a conservative attitude. Especially today, Memorial Day, I am happy to honor and thank you and your colleagues for your service by making my own contribution.

I love reading. I mean, I really love reading. And have ever since I was in high school 40-some odd years ago. I love reading so much I find it nearly impossible to part with a book, even after I’ve read it. Maybe that’s why I’ve accumulated a personal library of 2000+ volumes. Many of my books I’ve read two or three times, never failing to find something new and surprising and refreshing in every rereading. I guess my two primary areas of interest are fiction and history. I’ve gone through my library and carefully selected the enclosed books as my small contribution to your effort to uplift your brothers and sisters in the service. I’d never sell these books to a used book dealer. I’d never even consider throwing them away. But I do loan books to friends…so consider this a loan which already has been repaid. I know you’ll find these books a good home and that they’ll be passed from one friend’s hands to another and then again to another, hopefully bringing welcome moments of pleasure and respite from the serious work you and your colleagues are about on all of our behalf.

God bless and keep you all.

With deepest respect and gratitude,
Richard S. Wheeler

Mr. Wheeler adds: “I hope Sgt Thul gets [inundated with] books and magazines so he and his colleagues know just how much their service is appreciated.” A reminder: Sergeant Thul’s mailing address is:

SGT Dave Thul
Weapons Company 1-133


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