What the Base Thinks

The Bush administration and Republican Senators have badly misjudged both the attitudes of most Republicans (and, of course, most Americans) toward illegal immigration, and the intensity of those views. While we have opposed the Senate plan, we have been pretty mild-mannered about it. So I’m turning the microphone over to my friend Bob Cunningham. No one I know of argues immigration-related issues more cogently. Equally important, no one I know of conveys the white-hot anger and sense of betrayal that millions of Americans feel about this issue more effectively.

We know that this site is widely read in the White House and in Congress. To all Republicans in Washington: please, please read what follows with care, and understand that Bob speaks for most Americans and the overwhelming majority of Republicans:

Here’s what they’re missing, and it is the principal reason, in my opinion, WHY the anti-ILLEGAL forces are so upset — and so powerful.

It has to do with the bad faith, calculated deceit, Orwellian propaganda, dishonest sophistry, misdirection, arrogance, presumption, indifference to, and, indeed, contempt for the beliefs of huge numbers of ordinary Americans — including LEGAL immigrants and Hispanic natives! — on the part of political/media elites.

Let’s recognize that the political process has — democratically — designated the illegals AS illegal. Why? Because we, as a nation, decided that their presence — NOT themselves per se (as the false attribution of racism would have it) — but their presence in such numbers for such purposes (the phony Jobs Americans Won’t Do/Jobs Americans Are Not Doing) is undesirable. There are perfectly reasonable grounds for that judgment. When did we vote for the Mexification of America? ANS.: NEVER….Indeed, going back to the 1965 immigration “reforms”, assurances were REPEATEDLY given (Kennedy) that such reforms would NOT lead to an influx or demographic change. And guess what? The burden of proof is NOT on the nation to justify this stance.

Period. Full stop. End of discussion.

Since these elites don’t like that decision now they want us to accept a fait accompli..and more! They feel perfectly justified in collaborating in the subversion of our democratically enacted immigration regime — with crass, narrow, economic special interests and with others having perhaps more sinister designs. Their objectives — open borders, a free flow of cheap labor — are plain now for all to see. Some no longer even bother to pretend otherwise.

Given that, there is NO REASON to believe ANY of their promises — the “wall,” enforcement of “tough” conditions for a “path to legalization/citizenship” or limits in a “tough and smart” “temporary” “guest workers” indentured servant-helot program. We also know that the very underlying rationale itself for “temporary” “guest workers” (the economically illiterate JAWD/JAAND) is in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to ANY arbitrary “limits”….Indeed, the very claim itself that deportation is “impossible” renders the enforcement promises self-refuting! We should all ignore the false promises and intentional non-feasance in the past?…and do I even have to mention the Simpson-Mazzoli fraud? “This time it’s different”?….we REALLY mean it now?….

The ultimate retort of the immigration celebrationists — let us call it the “immigrants are good people” argument — is totally beside the point. It is an assertion that no one would disagree with, but it is also an argument that has NO internal LIMITING PRINCIPLE. There is, on its own terms, no non-arbitrary basis for excluding ANY ONE of the 6 billion non-Americans. Other than criminal disqualification, most of them, are, indeed “good people”….so what?

Well, we already decided the question of numbers and limits…and the political/media elites, in conjunction with the scofflaw employers, do NOT have standing to subvert the democratic decision made, upon deliberation, several times in reliance on what we now can see were plainly false promises.

Never again.


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