Who Are We to Judge?

Blog of the Week Fraters Libertas notes that the heirs of those who peddled moral equivalence during the Cold War are still at it, citing a column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer by one Robert Jamieson. Jamieson defends one world leader who, he says, “admittedly…has invoked language that is tough, defiant and downright ugly at times.” Could have been Churchill, until we got to the “ugly” part. But no! It’s Iran’s President Ahmadinejad!

Now we come to the moral equivalence:

That just puts him in good company.

In many parts of the world, President Bush doesn’t exactly come across as a honeyed voice of reason, either.

Ahmadinejad and Bush–no difference! The analogy continues:

Plenty of Americans don’t agree with what Bush has done in the world [Ed.: Liberate 50,000,000 people in Afghanistan and Iraq] — just as some Iranians don’t agree with what Iran’s president says he might do [Ed.: Commit genocide].

How equal can you get?


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