Are We Different?

Yeah, we are, and that’s, while not the whole point, a big part of it. Reader T Wictor responded to our posts on the arrests of terror suspects in Canada and England:

What the Canadians and Europeans will never admit to is that they don’t really allow their Muslims to assimilate. Their nations don’t provide Muslims with the freedom and respect that the U.S. does. Canada and Europe tolerate Muslims; we accept them.

Another factor is that human rights in Canada and Europe are granted by the government, while in the U.S. we state explicitly that human rights are inalienable, granted by God. The U.S. stands for something greater than simply social services, government handouts, multi-culti platitudes, and this engenders loyalty in a lot of Muslims who come from countries with oppressive governments.

This has apparently paid off in a big way. Strategy Page says that American Muslims have volunteered in large numbers to become informants in the mosques. This is one of the reasons we haven’t had a follow-up attack to 9/11.

We also welcome Muslims into positions of power and trust. In the following story, the marine sergeant is an Iraqi immigrant, yet we have no qualms asking him to fight his former countrymen.

One of the reasons the French didn’t send in the army to quell the Great Nationwide Carbecue of a few months back was because there are so many Muslims in the service. The government just doesn’t trust them.

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