Blog of the Week: TigerHawk

Our new Blog of the Week is TigerHawk. You can follow TigerHawk at the top of our blog feeds on Power Line News, and we’ll link to noteworthy posts from time to time here on Power Line. Here is how the THs describe themselves:

TigerHawk began in December 2003 as the personal venting opportunity for its founder, an ex-lawyer and current public company executive. Recognition came slowly, but within a year the big traffic bloggers had recognized that we occasionally had something interesting to add to the clamor.

TigerHawk himself is a middle-aged executive in a public medical technology company, formerly a big-firm lawyer, presently a father and husband, and generally interested in a wide range of subjects. TigerHawk lives in Princeton, New Jersey, and has been known to ask aggressive questions of dignitaries invited to speak at the university. More than a year ago we added the younger and better-looking “Cardinalpark,” a Manhattan-based partner in a private equity firm with a longstanding interest in diplomatic and military history, and “Charlottesvillain,” an executive in an educational non-profit located in Charlottesville, Virginia who doubles as our main “sports and entertainment” correspondent. “Cassandra” of the milblog Villainous Company has graciously pitched in from time to time. We blog anonymously so that we can express strong opinions and avoid repurcussions in our professional lives. Lots of other bloggers know who we are, however, and we appreciate that they respect that separation.

We write a lot about foreign policy and international affairs, but we are not a milblog. We also write about politics, but we are not strictly a political blog. We write about things that interest us, and hope that it is entertaining for our readers. We even have some lefty readers, who know that they can raise serious and well-argued objections and that we will engage with them seriously. Unless they drive us insane.

Which can happen. I note that “Tiger” and “Hawk” come from the Princeton Tigers and Iowa Hawkeyes. I suppose there could be a worse combination, from our perspective. Maybe Yale and Wisconsin.

Thanks to our outgoing Blog of the Week, Wizbang Politics.


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