Broadcasting Live…

…from the Minnesota Republican Party’s convention in Minneapolis. That will be us, tomorrow from 11 to 1, central time, on the Northern Alliance Radio Network. Click on the NARN graphic below to go to where you can listen on the web.

Governor Tim Pawlenty had been scheduled to cap the convention tomorrow by delivering his speech accepting the party’s nomination for a second term as governor, but instead he appeared tonight so he could attend the funeral of a Minnesota soldier who died in Iraq tomorrow morning. So he won’t be there, but whatever politicos are in sight will no doubt be happy to appear on our show. And we’ll have the usual commentary on the events of the past week.

This is the kickoff, really, of the ’06 campaign. We first came to the attention of pundits and web-surfers nationwide in 2002, when Minnesota, and to a lesser extent Maryland, were the eye of the political hurricane. The same thing promises to happen this year. By happy coincidence, with control of both the Senate and the House resting in large part on what happens in Minnesota and Maryland, we are once again on the front lines. Stay tuned from now until November, and beyond.


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