Farewell to Hurricane Dan

We didn’t write about Dan Rather’s retirement from CBS because we didn’t have much of anything to say about it. But Howard Kurtz called me yesterday for a reaction, and quoted me in today’s Washington Post:

John Hinderaker, a lawyer whose conservative blog raised early questions about the disputed Guard documents, said it was “really indefensible” for Rather to have stood by the story for nearly two weeks. But, he said, “I’ve got some sympathy for the view that he had a long and distinguished career and that one episode shouldn’t negate a lot of years of hard work. I always kind of liked the guy. He was a little quirky, an old-fashioned anchorman.”

We never had any ill-will toward Rather, and wish him the best in his retirement. Assuming he retires; he’s reportedly negotiating with Mark Cuban for some kind of cable TV deal.


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