Following Hugh’s Advice

Last night, at the Minnesota Republican Party’s state convention, Congressman Mark Kennedy was nominated for the open Senate seat being vacated by Mark Dayton. The Minneapolis Star Tribune prints the full text of Mark’s acceptance speech here. This excerpt came early in the speech:

There are two paths – one forward, one backward. One toward a place that’s positive and optimistic and hopeful. One toward a place that’s bitter and pessimistic and gloomy. One path that leads to common sense solutions. One that ends in more angry words.

It is our path that is the right path; that is the path to a better America, a path to a more hopeful future for our kids. It is the path I will work for every day as Minnesota’s United States Senator.

We’re not going to get the right kind of change by sending another lawyer to the Senate. How about a little diversity? How about someone with some business experience who knows how to get things done? How about a CPA who will find ways to save your money, not new ways to spend it?

It’s certainly not the right kind of change to launch more politicized investigations and partisan impeachment proceedings. Haven’t we had enough of that kind of thing?

One thing that struck me as I read Mark’s speech is that he seems to have followed Hugh Hewitt’s advice:


Mark’s speech focused on all five of Hugh’s recommended themes. That probably wasn’t a coincidence, and I’m sure we’ll hear more on all of those topics from Mark as the campaign continues.