Hagel’s synthesis

Byron York reports on the work of the Senate Intelligence Committee as it struggles to complete its investigation into pre-war intelligence. According to York’s sources, it’s tough, partisan going, and several parts of the Committee’s report may never be completed due to deadlock over the what the substance should be.

No surprise there. But York also reveals that a Republican member of the Committee, Senator Hagel, has hired a former Kerry campaign worker, Eric Rosenbach, to fill a key staff position. According to York, “Rosenbach came to the Senate after completing studies at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government under Rand Beers, a top foreign-policy adviser for Kerry. In Fall 2004, Rosenbach took three weeks to volunteer for the Kerry campaign in York County, Pennsylvania.”

Rosenbach is a disciple not only of Beers, but also, it seems, of administration arch-critic Richard Clarke. In fact, Rosenbach is the co-author with Clarke and several Clintonistas of “Defeating the Jihadists,” a 2004 report published by the liberal Century Foundation.

How did Senator Hagel come to select an anti-administration Kerry campaigner for his staff? Rosenbach was recommended to him by Harvard professor Graham Allison, who like Beers was an adviser to the Kerry campaign.


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