Help Send Him Home

If you would like to help send Mad Jack Murtha into a much-needed retirement, consider contributing to his Republican opponent, Diana Irey. Irey’s website is here, and you can contribute online. Irey looks like a solid candidate, and Murtha is so far out of touch with his constituents that he may finally be vulnerable. Irey says:

Thirty two years is a long time to spend in Washington. For decades, western Pennsylvania looked to John Murtha to stand up for our values. But as the years have drifted by, John Murtha has drifted further and further from the ideals that made this country great. He has become part of the problem in Washington.

While John Murtha is calling for an immediate withdrawal from the war against terror, Diana Irey has been standing steadfastly by our fighting men and women and is committed to finishing the job.

The contrast couldn’t be more stark.


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