In the Belly of the Beast

Scott was on Minnesota Public Radio today, doing his best to inform that network’s generally liberal listeners on the legal issues surrounding the New York Times’ anti-anti-terrorism leaks. The listeners were mostly enraged, as were posters on Democratic Underground. We can only hope that somewhere, there were MPR listeners who appreciated the opportunity to hear someone who actually knew what he was talking about.

You can listen to the program here. Scott’s appearance starts around halfway through.

If anyone knows whether it’s possible to convert a .ram file to MP3 (and how to do it), let me know, and I’ll put up some highlights here.

UIPDATE: Thanks to all who responded. I have lots to learn about audio files. Genuis Joe Malchow performed the conversion for me; here are some excerpts from Scott’s appearance:

I have to say that even more than when Scott explicates the law, I enjoy it when he corrects a lefty caller’s 18th century literary reference!


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