It’ll Never Happen Again

John McIntyre notes that the New York Times seems to have badly miscalculated the political consequences of blowing yet another anti-terror program:

Politically, this is a clear winner for Bush and the GOP. The issue plays to Bush’s strengths and continues to paint the picture of the President as a stalwart fighter, protecting America’s safety while the left-wing press does their best to undermine as many successful anti-terror programs as possible.

The Times and the far left are so completely out of touch with where the country is on national security and terrorism issues they probably thought this disclosure would hurt Bush politically. They are clueless.

This gives rise to some advice for the Democrats:

[W]hile this is a huge win politically for Bush, it doesn’t have to be a loss for Democrats. This brewing scandal is a tailor-made opportunity for a Democrat to show his or her independence from the far-left, borderline anti-American media. Hillary Clinton would measurably improve her chances of becoming President if she walked down to the Senate floor and denounced the New York Times for harming American security.

It’s good advice, but the Democrats will never take it. I doubt that most of them can imagine a world in which they part company with the New York Times. I especially doubt that Hillary Clinton or any other Presidential contender be willing to cross not only the newspaper, but the party’s far-left base.

But they support the troops!

Via Power Line News.


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