Let’s Not Forget About the Other Times

Blog of the Week Patterico’s Pontifications has a transcript of an interview with Doyle McManus of the Los Angeles Times, in which he lays out the L.A. Times’ rationale for outing the Treasury Department’s international terrorist data collection program. Patterico also deconstructs the paper’s rationale:

The bottom line is, of course, that McManus and his colleagues took it upon themselves to decide what classified information the public (and our enemies) should know about. Bizarrely, he claims that the critical factors in his decision were whether the program was legal and had adequate safeguards — even though, as I document in a related post, it was indeed legal and had extensive safeguards in place. Thus, his excuses are an apparent cover for some other motivation, as yet unrevealed.

It’s fascinating stuff; read it all.


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