London Terrorists Raided

Early this morning, more than 200 London policemen raided a house where a terrorist bomb or chemical weapons making facility was believed to be housed. One of the suspects was shot during the raid:

Police officers in protective clothing have moved into the terraced house in Lansdown Road in what is being described as a “precautionary measure”.

The search of the premises is expected to take several days.

A white and yellow tent has been set up outside the property, while workmen are erecting a two-storey high scaffolding screen around the building.

BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw said the raids follow an investigation into international terrorism targeting the UK.

Security sources have described the Forest Gate raid as “potentially significant” and said it followed months of surveillance.

The raid followed discussions between MI5, the Met’s anti-terrorist branch and the Health Protection Agency – which advised on the potential health risks of the raid.

The photo below shows the tent outside the raided property.


UPDATE: Power Line Video has footage of the scene of the raid here.


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