Londonistan calling

Phil Boas is the deputy editorial page editor at the Arizona Republic. He writes with a word about Melanie Phillips, author of Londonistan:

I don’t know how much you read Melanie Phillips, former Guardian journalist who has written the book Londonistan, but you’ve got to listen to this radio interview she does with the BBC. It is a tour de force in the most hostile of environments. It is some of the most gripping radio I’ve listened to. The host, the callers, the follow-up host cannot disguise – nor try to – their contempt for Phillips. They spit venom, and yet they only serve to frame Phillips’s powerful intellect and make her point that Britains are sleeping as the nation commits suicide appeasing radical Islam. Throughout she is composed, persuasive, and simply brilliant. I have no connection to Phillips. I simply read her blog. But you guys should listen to this and share with your readers. It’s powerful stuff. Here’s the link to Phillips’s page on the program, and here’s the link to the program’s audio archive.


Phil Boas

As it happens, we’re fans of Melanie Phillips and recommend her performance to your attention. Please note that the audio link requires the listener to fast forward Monday’s program approximately two hours and ten minutes to find the segments with Melanie Phillips.


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