Yesterday’s Boston Globe carried Jeff Jacoby’s excellent column on the blowing of the administration’s terrorist finance tracking program: “The press, in an unsettling firefight of its own.” Jeff’s column features the messages to the New York Times sent by Sergeant T.F. Boggs and Lt. Thomas Cotton, the latter message having been featured here earlier this week.

Unlike Sergeant Boggs and Lt. Cotton, Republicans in Congress can’t bring themselves to name names when they want to send a message regarding the conduct in issue. Hugh Hewitt draws our attention to the deficiency in H.R. 895 here and here. We join Hugh in his desire for Congress to pass a resolution and send a message adequate to the occasion, such as the ones sent by Sergeant Boggs and Lt. Cotton.

UPDATE: A Marine Lieutenant Colonel writes with a message of his own:

It’s rather sad and depressing that members of Congress will vote to send troops into battle but they lack the courage to take a principled stand against the NYT and other media outlets that actively undermine our national security.

JOHN adds: Blog of the Week Patterico’s Pontifications has a different take on the House resolution. He thinks it is a brilliant expression of support for the SWIFT program, with no particular need to go after the newspapers by name.


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