Morales celebrates Che

Reuters reports that Bolivian president Evo Morales has paid homage to Che Guevara at the spot where the legendary leftist guerrilla was killed in 1967. This may be an opportune moment to direct readers to the New Criterion article “The real Che” by Anthony Daniels (who frequently writes under the pen name Theodore Dalrymple) and the National Review article “Che chic” by NR managing editor Jay Nordlinger. I took a whack at Hollywood’s contribution to Che chic in “Motorpsycho diaries.” As the subhead on Jay Nordlinger’s article has it, “It’s très disgusting.”

UPDATE: Reader Jonathan Philbeck writes:

In regards to your Che post, I think it would be appropriate to note Andy Garcia’s movie “The Lost City,” which portrays Che accurately. I believe Bolivia is one of the nations that has banned this film. I saw it recently and it is a great film, very powerful with a lot of substance. Hollywood appears to be ignoring it, as it hasn’t been picked up by a major distributor and on a very limited release.


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