More Helpful Suggestions from the Dems

Today, Senate Democrats Carl Levin and Jack Reed offered yet another plan for withdrawal from Iraq. Their plan was, more or less, the opposite of John Kerry’s. Kerry wants the withdrawal of American troops to be completed by the end of the year. Levin and Reed want the withdrawal to begin by the end of the year, with no stipulation as to how long the withdrawal might take. You can listen to Levin trying to explain his proposal, and how it differs from the administration’s policy, below:

Given that American troop strength in Iraq has already been reduced by 17% since its peak at the end of last year, and both American and Iraqi officials have said they expect levels to be reduced further by the end of the year, this proposal is not exactly a bold departure from our current policy.

But that doesn’t matter to the Democrats. Irresponsible Democrats are the ones who denounce the administration and propose ridiculous solutions like shipping our troops to Okinawa. Responsible Democrats are the ones who propose policies indistinguishable from the ones now being followed, but denounce the administration nevertheless.


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