My favorite ambassador, take 2

On Monday night I quickly wrote up my account of the telephone interview that afternoon with United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton in “My favorite ambassador.” I was a little diffident about sharing my enthusiasm for Ambassador Bolton so bluntly, but I obviously overcame my reluctance. Also on the call with me were Jay Nordlinger of National Review, Tom Bevan of RealClearPolitics and Pamela of Atlas Shrugs. Their accounts of the interview are linked at their names above.

Jay Nordlinger concludes his report: “How long has it been since I said how lucky we are to have John Bolton as U.N. ambassador, and George W. Bush as a president willing to appoint such men to such posts? Couple of days? Please consider it reiterated.” Tom Bevan titles his column on the interview “Lightning Bolton.” Pamela posts her recording of the interview and includes a Bolton quote I’d forgotten to note regarding the depredations of UN Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown: “The US will not be a well-bred doormat.” There you have it!


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