No teacher for Taliban Man, take 3

Tigerhawk catches the disgusting Juan Cole reverting to form, referring to Michael Rubin and Michael Ledeen as “American hawks tied to the Israeli Likud Party…who are also trying to get up an American war on Iran.” Tigerhawk comments:

I’m not sure what “tied to the Israeli Likud Party” is supposed to mean — that Ledeen and Rubin have friends who support Likud? — but I do know that Michael Ledeen has never advocated war with Iran. He absolutely believes that Iran has been waging war on the United States directly and by proxy since 1979, and he also believes that we should be supporting Iranians who resist, or would resist, the regime of the Islamic Republic. There is no evidence, however, that Ledeen supports war with Iran, however extensive our moral or legal justification for war might be. Worried that I might have missed a call for war in Ledeen’s voluminous writings, I confirmed his position by email this morning, something that Cole, who takes great umbrage when others (allegedly) mischaracterize his position, obviously did not do.

Given his German heritage and his characteristic rhetorical maneuvers, it may be time for Cole to be described as a Bundist.


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