Our Kind of Senator

We’ve written several times about our friend Mark Kennedy, who represents Minnesota’s Sixth District in Congress. He is leaving that seat to run for the Minnesota Senate seat being vacated by Mark Dayton.

Mark has been a superb Congressman with a solid voting record. An accountant by training, he was CFO of a major company at, if memory serves, age 29. Mark brings the skills of a top-notch businessman to Congress, and will do the same in the Senate.

But that’s not all. Mark shares our commitment to winning the war against Ismalic terrorists. Today he made this statement about the murder of two American soldiers on the floor of the House of Representatives:

Mr. Speaker, where is the outrage? We hear stories today of two of our soldiers having suffered unspeakable torture, and left in a nearly-unrecognizable condition. Yet where are the cries of outrage against this brutality?

Instead, we hear today of the EU leadership focused on closing Gitmo, and members of this body rushing to judgment on national TV before the facts are known about what our troops in the field have done.

Yes, we should hold our troops to the highest ethical standards, but we must be outraged by acts against our troops.

Our troops deserve our full support, and we must recognize the intensity of evil that we face, the lengths they will go to harm America and undermine our values, and the need to make sure we win this War on Terror to keep our families safe at home.

We need Senators like Mark Kennedy. Go here to learn more about Mark’s positions, and here to contribute to his campaign. His race, against a cookie-cutter liberal lawyer, will be close. Your support counts.


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