Overtaxed in the Golden State

My friend Craig Harrison writes:

Rob Reiner’s ballot proposition to soak the rich (higher income tax rate on couples who make $800,000 or individuals who make $400,000) failed — 61% no and 39% yes. I think it required 2/3 to win. In addition, a state bond to improve libraries also went down (53% no) — even the Republication political establishment endorsed that one. Who says Californians are eager to be taxed more?

The final California results can be found here. The maps are worth checking out. The tax measure appears to have won only in two San Francisco bay counties.

CORRECTION: Reader Evers Ding points me to an article in the San Jose Mercury News stating that a simple majority would have been enough to pass either proposition. Also the tax measure carried in three counties — San Francisco, Alameda, and Imperial.


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