Rated R

This is a family site, but I’ve run across a couple of items in the last day or two that a lot of our readers will enjoy even though they are raw and crude. This morning, Chris Muir emailed me with a link to this trailer for a new documentary film on Iraq by Pat Dollard called Young Americans. All of the footage for the film was shot by Dollard or by the Marines he was with in places like Fallujah and Ramadi. Be warned, the trailer is vulgar and, to put it mildly, not politically correct. The participants are contemptuous of various liberals and, more broadly, of their own MTV generation. I think the movie looks good.

IowaHawk is one of the funniest humorists around, and he isn’t usually profane. But his latest production is authored by al-Zarqawi: Paradise Is Overrated. Suffice it to say that the afterlife isn’t turning out quite the way the terrorist envisioned it. Again, be forewarned; but if your opinion of Zarqawi is as low as mine, you’ll probably enjoy it.


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