The Last 300 Men to Die For a Mistake?

My friend Bob Cunningham makes an excellent point about the utter incoherence of the Kerry/Kennedy/Boxer cut-and-run proposal:

The line that made John Kerry famous, said in connection with the Vietnam War, was: “How can you ask a man to be the last one to die for a mistake?”

It is, of course, the reason he was not able to say that his Iraq War Resolution vote was a mistake during the 2004 campaign — because then he’d be hoist on his own petard and have to have called for withdrawal….

But he’s not off the hook now…his proposal(s) call for withdrawal…but not for 6 months or a year!…How many U.S. deaths will there be between now and his deadlines(s)?…several hundred based on recent history….this is the very basis for his proposal(s) in the first place!!…so what is really saying? ……. ISN’T HE ASKING THEM ALL TO DIE FOR —- WHAT HE SAYS!! —- IS A MISTAKE??!!!

Or maybe he just wants them all to stay in barracks pending “redeployment”?….in that case…why bother with the 6 month – 12 month deadline?

So it’s either incoherent — just further exposure of the utter fecklessness of the left — or else it is fundamentally dishonest and in a way that is particularly apposite for John Kerry…

Or both. Kerry and his confederates changed the withdrawal deadline from the end of 2006 to July 2007. Presumably this means that more American servicemen would be killed in combat. What was the rationale for the change? What will be accomplished by July 2007 that couldn’t be accomplished by December 2006? But if something is being accomplished, why are we withdrawing? If nothing is being accomplished, why not get out now?

It is impossible to take the Democrats seriously.


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