The Pantano Precedent

With Haditha hysteria all around us, Michelle Malkin reminds us of the case of Ilario Pantano, the Marine who was falsely accused of murder a year or two ago. Thankfully, the facts came to light and he was acquitted, due in no small part to the efforts of milbloggers and others on the web. Michelle interviewed Lt. Pantano; you can see it on Hot Air. Lt. Pantano is intelligent and well-spoken, and his exoneration is one of the things that give me confidence in military justice.

Anyway, check out Michelle’s interview, and take a look at Lt. Pantano’s new book, Warlord, a nonfiction account of Pantano’s life and service. Democrat James Carville, a former Marine–I didn’t know that–liked it a lot:

Every tenth page of Warlord should be stamped ‘this is not a work of fiction.’ Some men run from a fight, some hold their own; Ilario is the rare hero that runs to a fight. He is one tough mother!

So consider Warlord for your summer reading list. Click on the image below to go straight to Amazon, where you can buy the book.



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