Time Backtracking On Haditha

Sweetness & Light, which has been all over the Haditha story, notes that Time Magazine has been discreetly backing off its Haditha coverage with a series of corrections. Time has an enormous amount of prestige invested in its Haditha “scoop.” It turns out, though, that the magazine apparently misrepresented the source of the videotape that got the whole story rolling. And it has also developed that a photograph that Time described as “one of the most damning pieces of evidence investigators have in their possession” is only the subject of rumor, and may not even exist.

As a story about the Marines, the jury is out on Haditha. As a story about journalism, it’s starting to look bad for Time. Based on recent history, I suppose that means the magazine is likely to get a Pulitzer.

Via InstaPundit and Power Line News.


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