U.N. v. U.S.

Eric Shawn is the FOX News anchor/reporter whose beat is the United Nations and whose first book is the just-released The U.N. Exposed: How the United Nations Sabotages American’s Security and Fails the World. I caught up with Eric late this afternoon after the furor over Mark Malloch Brown’s condemnation of such U.N. detractors as Rush Limbaugh, FOX News and Middle America made waves. Eric’s dogged work must have something to do with the esteem in which Brown holds FOX. Eric’s response? “Today is the day the U.N. exposed itself.”

Eric has been covering the U.N. off and on since 1982; he says he hasn’t seen another day like today in all his years covering the organization. What’s up?

Eric says that he approaches coverage of the U.N. with the perspective of his background as an old City Hall reporter looking for money changing hands under the table. Thus the focus of his book on the manifold ways in which the Oil-for-Food regime corrupted the U.N. and undermined its mission. In his chapter devoted to the subject of “how the U.N. funds terrorism,” Eric dramatically shows how Oil-for-Food paid for murder. In his book Eric follows the money trail.

Looking at Malloch Brown’s speech yesterday, I am struck by how monomaniacally focused it is on the demand for more money, extending even to the U.N.’s ludicrous white elephant on Turtle Bay remodelling plan. In the last chapter of his book, Eric addresses the U.N.’s grab for the resources of the free world under the heading “More Money, Please.” Malloch Brown is the star U.N. spokesman featured in the chapter. Since the publication of the book last month, Eric appears to have done his part in causing Malloch Brown to lose the mannerly veneer.


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