What is the Star Tribune?

Over the past three weeks we have run thirteen installments of our “Who is Keith Ellison?” series regarding the endorsed Democratic candidate for Minnesota’s Fifth District (Minneapolis) congressional seat. The series is based both on original reporting and on information compiled from the public record, virtually none of which has seen the light of day in Minnesota’s newspaper of record since Ellison’s endorsement.

While the Minneapolis Star Tribune sits on its hands, out-of-towners who are less fearful of offending politically correct sensibilities are taking a look at what is by any reasonable standard an interesting story. Last week I spoke with Roll Call reporter Dan Rasmussen about our Keith Ellison coverage. Today Roll Call runs Rasmussen’s story (subscribers only): “Minn. party designee may be in some trouble.”

All things considered, the Star Tribune would apparently rather be scooped.

JOHN adds: I couldn’t resist noting this contrast in the Star Tribune’s coverage:

A DFL-endorsed Congressional candidate has publicly applauded cop-killers: Not a story!
Rush Limbaugh takes Viagra: Story!

Keep that in mind next time the liberal media self-righteously tell you that they have to blow the cover on the administration’s anti-terror efforts because they’re so concerned about the privacy rights of Americans.


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