Who is Keith Ellison? (13)

Keith Ellison is the DFL-endorsed Fifth District (essentially Minneapolis) congressional candidate nominated to succeed retiring 14-term incumbent Martin Sabo. If elected, as seems highly likely, he stands to be in office for a long time. The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s lame coverage of the question “Who is Keith Ellison?” is therefore particularly disappointing.

Today the Star Tribune contributes another lame article by Rochelle Olson, meekly serving up Ellison’s latest talking points responding to the crime wave that is engulfing Minneapolis: “Ellison wants war on crime, not Iraq, with 400 more officers.” Well, thanks.

In the course of this series on Ellison, we have reported Ellison’s long career attacking the Minneapolis police. In the same post we showed Ellison befriending and supporting Minneapolis gangsters. We have also showed Ellison supporting Symbionese Liberation Army terrorist Kathleen Soliah/Sara Jane Olson and attacking the FBI. In his day job, Ellison makes a living representing and trying to spring the murderers and thugs who are making Minneapolis unlivable.

For Ellison now to propose a fifty percent increase in Minneapolis police officers is about as absurd as Al Capone calling for more Treasury agents would have been. For the Star Tribune to report Ellison’s proposal without ever having reviewed Ellison’s public record on crime-related issues is journalistic malpractice.


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