Zarqawi Dead; Liberals In Denial

How are our friends on the left reacting to the great news about Zarqawi? They aren’t happy about it, if postings on Democratic Underground are any guide. Here are some typical entries:

Very curious. I wonder how this plays into neocon plans to attack Iran?

How sad – you know my reaction?? I laughed out loud and said the same thing you did, “AGAIN???” How sad that we cannot trust our government to be honest with us in matters of war and death. The boy who cried wolf is not believed in my house.

Z has only one leg and has already died or escaped so many times…Nah. I don’t believe the story.

I don’t buy it either…Wonder if they had to cut off the leg of the “Zarqawi” for authenticity purposes? Convenient too that this would happen now….guess we should just all forget about that Haditha mess, the fact that we are approaching 2,500 dead and the fact that our economy is in big trouble.

It’s almost an “open joke” among the military and civilians who know how PsyOps operate, and the History, that Zarqowi is merely a “Pentagon creation.” And oh, don’t we need some good news now? It’s so predictable I could write the OP Orders. It’s all bullshit LIES paraded around for PR exploitation.

There are many, many more, but you get the drift. These people are lost souls, and it would be easy either to laugh at them or to feel sorry for them, but for their enormous influence within the Democratic Party.


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