Another “Surprise” from the Minnesota Poll

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported yesterday what it termed the “surprising” result of its own Minnesota Poll, which showed Democrat Amy Klobuchar leading Republican Mark Kennedy for the state’s vacant Senate seat 50% to 31%.

Those who are familiar with the dreadful history of the Strib’s Minnesota Poll weren’t so surprised. As Scott has detailed here, here, and elsewhere, the Minnesota Poll has a track record of being consistently wrong that is now nearly thirty years old. Moreover, like a golfer with a bad slice, it is consistently wrong in the same direction–it favors Democrats.

I don’t doubt that Klobuchar currently leads Kennedy; Minnesota is still a Democrat-leaning state, 2006 is a tough year for Republicans, and, as far as the voters are concerned, the race hasn’t even begun yet. But Minnesota is also a state in which Republicans can run very well once the campaign actually gets off the ground. Which is why all but one of the state’s constitutional officers are currently Republicans.

All polls other than the Strib’s show Klobuchar with a single-digit lead, which is what I would expect at this stage. So if you’re an out of state donor (or potential donor), don’t be discouraged by the Strib’s poll. The race should go down to the wire, and Mark needs and deserves your support. You can contribute to his campaign here.


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