At least they are consistent

Jacob Laksin at FrontPageMagazine has more on the sad story of “our crippled missile defense,” which I posted about here a few days ago. Laksin recounts how a long line of Democrats — Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Carl Levin and others — have done their best to leave us defenseless against a missile attack.

Let’s look at where liberal Democrats stand on national security. They oppose military action against hostile nations like North Korea when they are in the process of developing nuclear weapons; they oppose systems that might defend us from nuclear weapons after these hostile nation develop them; they oppose any serious effort to secure our border from terrorist infiltration and would condition even a relatively unserious effort on the granting amnesty for millions of illegals; they oppose obtaining information from terrorists through interrogation techniques that stop short of inflicting physical pain; and they even have reservations about surveillance techniques that enable us to listen-in on terrorists.

If one didn’t appreciate the knee-jerk nature of their opposition to defense and national security measures, one could easily conclude that liberal Democrats have a unified strategy for not defending the country.


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