Bad to Worse

Earlier today, Hezbollah terrorists based in southern Lebanon carried out a raid across the border with Israel in which they murdered several Israeli soldiers and captured two, whom they took back across the border into Lebanon. IDF forces followed the terrorists into Lebanon in an effort to recover the captives.

The most recent news from Israel, via the Jerusalem Post, is ominous:

In the IDF’s latest evaluation of the battle on the northern border, it arose that the kidnappers of the two IDF soldiers had most likely succeeded in moving them deeper into Lebanese territory, reducing the chances of rescuing them.

The IDF estimated it was headed toward a full-blown confrontation with Hizbullah.

There are indications of close cooperation between Hamas, which triggered the current crisis by kidnapping an Israeli soldier a week ago, and Hezbollah, which executed the most recent outrage. Perhaps a “full-blown confrontation” with both Hezbollah and Hamas is the only course now open to Israel. This is the pass to which years of “peace” talks and “peace” agreements have brought the Israeli people.

Via Power Line News.


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