Blog of the Week: Villainous Company

Villainous Company has been around for a while, but I just became aware of it recently. The site’s author, Cassandra, is one of the better writers on the web. Here is how she describes her site; I would add that she is the wife of an active duty Marine:

Though Scott Ott would no doubt be ashamed to claim us, Villainous Company is his blogchild by way of I Love Jet Noise. ScrappleFace was the first blog I ever read, and most of our long-time readers and friends are old Scrapplers going back to 2003. Though VC is a bit more serious, fellow blogger Pile On and I take a light-hearted approach to the war on terror, law, the WaPo and NY Times, political correctness, gender issues, and the constant DimWittery in the daily fishwrap. We’re all passionate conservatives or libertarians who enjoy the odd dose of Shakespeare, a rousing argument, caption contests, stories, and really bad puns. Our goal is to not to supplant, but to augment the print media with information that all too often is missing from mainstream news coverage while hopefully, through humor and discussion, motivating readers to get involved and learn more about the events of the day.

Currently, Villainous Company features an extended takedown of the New York Times titled NYTimesWatch: Connecting The Dots On Treachery. It reprises the most recent chapter in the papers War on the War on Terror. I couldn’t begin to excerpt it; read it all.

As always, Villainous Company will be featured at the top of our blog RSS feeds on Power Line News, and we’ll link to notable posts on this site from time to time.

Thanks to outgoing BOTW Patterico’s Pontifications.


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