Blog of the Week: Vital Perspective

This week’s Blog of the Week is Vital Perspective, one of the top sites on the web dealing mostly with Middle Eastern issues. This is how the proprietors describe themselves:

Vital Perspective is operated by two foreign policy specialists focused on the Middle East who share deep concerns over the growing threat of Islamic extremism to the U.S. and our allies.

Currently, the site features terrific coverage of the crisis in Lebanon. Such as a map of Beirut and environs that puts Israel’s strikes on Hezbollah facilities there in perspective, and several videos that graphically illustrate how the terrorists operate from residential areas, thereby making civilian casualties inevitable.

Thanks to outgoing Blog of the Week Blue Crab Boulevard, which has just posted a message from the author’s son, a soldier serving in Iraq, who says in part:

Israel is a sovereign country. The Israelis have EVERY RIGHT to defend their own borders against foreign attackers. For decades they have endured the cowardly attacks of terrorists. They have turned the other cheek time and time again against these attacks. They have offered the olive branch many times and been spurned by radical Muslims. To accuse them of any wrongdoing because they have finally retaliated against these acts of aggression is pure lunacy.

Put yourself in their shoes, and realize if it was your country, your fellow citizens being murdered, you’d probably want something done about it.

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