Derangement and Credulity

We continue to get emails from liberals who refuse to believe in the existence of Lt. Tom Cotton, a subject which we discussed here. For example:

I never said that I doubted the existence of Tom Cotton. I said I doubt the existence of the uncannily pat spokesman for the Conservative reaction to the NYT SWIFT Financial Surveillance Program; Lt. Tom Cotton, Lt., Infantry, USAR, Harvard Law Grad, exposed to constant danger of grevious injury or death while serving his country on the front-line in Iraq.

The concept of a well-educated, well-spoken infantry lieutenant who would rather fight for his country than be a Washington lawyer is apparently too much for some liberals to bear. Two quick observations about this phenomenon.

First, the long-diagnosed Bush Derangement Syndrome has metastasized in some patients into a generalized Derangement Syndrome. Second, the same people who deny the reality of Lt. Tom Cotton will swallow hook, line and sinker every statement attributed by the New York Times or Washington Post to an unknown, unnamed, anonymous leaker with God knows what qualifications or axe to grind, who–assuming he exists–is violating his oath and, in some instances, committing a crime by leaking. An interesting contrast.