Dipping Our Toe In the Swamp…

…the fever swamp, that is–Democratic Underground, where the heart and soul of the Democratic Party congregate, chat and debate. If you want to know what America’s liberals really think, DU is the place to go. Reader Eric Griffin pointed out this DU thread which was begun by a Democrat poster who realized that he hates “America the Beautiful”:

America, America, God shed His grace on thee…what a ridiculous song

I just hit me how hollow this song is now, a song I used to love to hear sung by Ray Charles, But now that I actually looked up the lyrics they seem ridiculous, especially in regard to America’s true history, and most recent history, and today’s news from Iraq.

I almost hate to hear it now.

This profound reflection brought forth 149 comments, and counting. Here are a few:

Not one shred of evidence

has been produced that proves Afghanistan had anything to do w/the 9/11 attacks. A day or two after the attacks, Colin Powell promised us a White Paper for the world to see who the perps were.

It was never produced.

Our FBI does not have OBL on its most wanted list for the 9/11 attacks, because they have no proof.

Just as the Iraq invasion was based on lies, so was the invasion of Afghanistan.

What does that have to do with “America the Beautiful”? Beats me.

I did not say I loved my country

wtf is there to love about it? It is in DISTRESS, big time!

Just don’t question her patriotism!

It’s a dead and rotting baby. Throw it out with the bath water.

I am not trashing the U.S. just because of the Bush Administration.

I’m trashing the U.S. because of the REAL problem: the American people.

Then there’s this, with a graphic in the style that is a staple on liberal web sites:


Bushler Loves You.


This is how liberal Democrats talk when they are among friends. And, actually, these may not have been among the most offensive posts, because quite a number were deleted–unusual on DU. The telling fact is that, while a number of prominent Democrats have posted on Democratic Underground, not a single elected Democratic official, to my knowledge, has ever criticized the site or tried to distance himself from it. The swamp creatures at DU and the Daily Kos are the soul of the Democratic Party. If you want them to run the country, all you have to do is stay home in November.

And, by the way, for a much more intelligent commentary on “America the Beautiful,” as sung by Ray Charles, read Scott’s tribute to Charles.


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