G-8 pap

The G-8 has managed to cobble together a statement regarding the war in the Middle East. Naturally, the document is a compromise — the French-Russian view that Israel is acting “disproportionately” did not make the cut, but neither did the fact (which the U.S. reportedly wanted to include) that Syria and Iran are implicated.

The G-8 called on Hezbollah to release its Israeli military hostages and to stop its attacks on Israel. At that point, it wants Israel to end its military action. And in the meantime, Israel is supposed to exercise “utmost restraint.”

So now the G-8 leaders can head home satisfied that they have issued an “even-handed” statement, and the Israelis can get on with the business of crushing Hezbollah. The views of certain G-8 members will be relevant going forward, but I doubt that France and Russia will be among those members.


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