Joel Mowbray reports from Israel, part 4

Joel Mowbray (email: [email protected]) filed his most recent dispatch from Israel within the hour:

JERUSALEM–With Israel flexing its military might simultaneously in Gaza and Lebanon, it might have seemed like a safe bet that the Islamic terrorists would be in retreat and scrambling to find some kind of face-saving exit. The keytusha rockets Hezbollah fired into the northern coastal town of Haifa says otherwise.

Toward the end of a closed-door journalists’ roundtable tonight with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the reporters broke in to tell us that two rockets had just hit Haifa. We all realized the huge significance of this.

It’s war.

Throughout the evening, people on the streets and in the coffee houses were discussing the latest events, and cabbies were tuned exclusively to news & talk stations for all the breaking news. Israelis are used to explosions and bloodshed, but this time, the front line is not in their restaurants or supermarkets. (Except for those in towns of rockets.)

It’s entirely possible that the rockets sent into Haifa today were just a last, desperate gasp for Hezbollah before the terrorist organization folds. But that’s not likely. Hamas and Hezbollah are both committed to the elimination of the Jews, and most of the members are ready to die for their cause.

The new development is that more and more Israelis are willing to let them.

Joel’s earlier dispatches are available here (Sunday), here (Tuesday) and here (yesterday). I should add that at a briefing tonight I was advised that at least one of the rockets that hit Haifa may have been fired by members of the Iranian Guard stationed in southern Lebanon. Hot Air cites reports on either side of the question here.


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