Joel Mowbray reports from Israel, part 6

Joel Mowbray (email: [email protected]) writes that he is headed to the war zone. He continues his series of dispatches from Israel with this one, filed five minutes ago:

Though I’ve spent most of the past week in Israel in the metro areas of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem–which have experienced nothing but normal daily life–right now I’m on my way to Tzfat, a holy city north of the Sea of Galilee that’s been under constant rocket attack for the past week. I’m going specifically to the hospital that was hit by Hezbollah yesterday–and again today.

As I have been the past day and a half, I am traveling with 8 visiting European journalists. They came here for what was supposed to be an informative, but war-free, tour of this tiny nation hosted by Knowing Israel, a brand new media support group. Most of the journalists have agreed to go to this town ravaged by Hezbollah.

I’m not sure what this says about journalists, but we are the only civilians racing to the site of repeated rocket attacks.

I’ll be reporting on what we find as soon as I am able.

Stay tuned.


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