Let’s watch three

One of the best things about blogging is meeting readers. What’s even better is when readers provide us with perks. On Friday, reader Paul Seeley, whom I’d never met, took me and our mutual friend Nate Silver to see his beloved Cubs take on the Washington Nationals at RFK. As a bonus, Paul turned out to be an encyclopedia of knowledge about the Cubs, past and present. Thus, I had the added and special pleasure of watching a ball game with a connoisseur.

There is one potential down-side to meeting readers. Most of the time they are so intelligent and accomplished that, if I thought about them when I blog, I’d be constantly second-guessing and editing myself, and might ultimately find myself unable to hit the “publish” button. I normally avoid that trap by putting our readers out of my mind when I blog.

Right now, though, as the Nats complete a three game sweep of the Cubs, Paul Seeley is on my mind. Thanks, Paul and Nate for a great evening.


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