Northern Alliance Returns

I’ve just gotten home from a pretty hectic week of business travel. This isn’t unusual; we rarely mention where we are when we’re posting–mostly because it would be boring–but I’ve posted from airport gates and hotel rooms in just about every major city in the U.S., and from as far away as Japan. It’s always good to come home.

Last week, the Northern Alliance Radio Network broadcast live from AM 1280 the Patriot’s annual picnic. The photo below is of Republican Congressional candidate Alan Fine, Brian “St. Paul” Ward, and me. Click to enlarge:


The photo, by the way, was taken by King Baniain, who–speaking of business travel–is now in Mongolia, giving economic advice to someone, I’m not sure who.

Anyway, I got home just in time for our radio show tomorrow. We’ll be on, as usual, from 11 to 1, central time. Austin Bay will be our guest, starting at noon, to talk about military and foreign policy matters. You can listen on the web here. We didn’t do a podcast last week, but I’ll get one done for tomorrow’s show over the weekend.


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