One more last word

David Horowitz responds to Peter Beinart’s closing comment in their earlier exchange on Beinart’s new book arguing that only liberals can win the war on terror: “Hard liberals versus conservatives.” Here is a point on which I would like to see Beinart’s response:

The focus of my criticism of your book is its lack of realism in discussing the political situation in the Democratic Party, and in particular the weakness within the Party of those who share your views. Joe Lieberman, the most obvious hard liberal in the Democratic Party has been attacked by the anti-anti totalitarians and is fighting for his political life. Despite this, you gave a leader of the anti-Lieberman movement, Markos Zuniga a favorable blurb for his new book, Crashing the Gates, calling it “an insightful guide to how the Democratic Party can retake power.” But which Democratic Party? And why – if you are politically serious — would you praise and promote this man’s book? This is surely not the path that Walter Reuther, Hubert Humprhey, Arthur Schlesinger or any of the other cold war liberals you admire would have taken.