Pakistani Intelligence Behind Bombay Blasts?

One striking fact about the Religion of Peace is how relatively few of its adherents are unequivocally opposed to terrorism, always and everywhere. It seems that for most Muslims, even those who stoutly oppose terror elsewhere, terrorism directed against Israel is only freedom fighting. (To be fair, this could be said of quite a few non-Muslim Europeans, too.) I’ve always suspected that something similar is going on in Pakistan, which is, under Musharraf, an important ally in the GWOT. Except, of course, for Kashmir, which is different.

Today the Indian government said that its investigation into the Bombay train bombings suggests that they may have been organized by ISI, the Pakistani intelligence service:

Indian officials said they suspected Pakistan’s spy agency had a role in this week’s Mumbai bomb blasts as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh traveled to the city on Friday to meet victims.

Investigators said they were looking at international calls made from phone booths immediately after the blasts, particularly to Pakistan.

Here in the U.S., that would be called “domestic spying.”

“Activists of SIMI have probably facilitated this but the planning was ISI,” [a senior Indian official] said, referring to the outlawed Students Islamic Movement of India and the secretive Inter-Services Intelligence agency of Pakistan.

Indian National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan also told a cabinet meeting on Thursday that investigations suggested a Pakistani intelligence hand in the bombings, the official said.

Via Power Line News.


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