Paying Bonuses, Right Up to the End

Another just-released Project Harmony document is BIAP-2003-003488.pdf. It is one of those dry, bureaucratic lists, titled “Bonus Record for 2003.” So it must have been created shortly before the Iraq war began.

This eight-page document is a list of employees in various categories who received bonuses listed as “5,000”–dinars, I assume. Most of the categories are what you would expect: “Office of the General Director,” “Finance,” “Consultant Office,” etc. Presumably the names under each of these headings are the employees in those departments who received bonuses.

But then we have these categories: “Chemical;” twelve employees got bonuses. “Nuclear;” nine employees got bonuses. “Missiles;” seven employees got bonuses. “Biological;” nine employees got bonuses. I suppose those words might mean something other than the obvious. But what?


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