Pro-Israel Rally In Chicago

Andrew Marcus writes to report on a pro-Israel rally at Chicago’s Federal Plaza earlier today:

Thousands of Chicagoans turned out in force to make their voices heard in support of Israel and against Islamist terrorists. Their rally packed Federal Plaza to near capacity, and their message was peaceful yet resolute, ‘America stands with Israel against the terrorists’.

Andrew has photos on his site, and will have video shortly. This photo shows the size of the crowd; most of the signs say “We Stand With Israel.” Click to enlarge:

Of course, a motley crew of pro-terrorist demonstrators was on hand, too. Andrew writes:

Across the street, dozens of anti-Israel, pro-Hezbullah counter protesters shouted at those attending the rally in an failed attempt to drown out the message being spread by its organizers. They were mostly made up of International ANSWER and Palestinian organizations who have been protesting against America at least since 9/11.

There’s usually not much point in inferring anything from the size of a demonstration, but here, I suspect the relative sizes of the groups reflect American public opinion pretty accurately.

UPDATE: Big pro-Israel rally in New York; Atlas Shrugs says “tens of thousands” and has photos and commentary:



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