Seattle Jewish Federation Attacked

The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle was attacked by at least one gunman a little while ago. There were casualties, but early reports are fragmentary. Apparently at least one man has been taken into custody.

There have been reports of Hezbollah activating overseas sleeper cells, so the concern is obvious. It’s more likely to be one or more home-grown would-be jihadists. Or possibly something completely different, although that seems like the least likely possibility.

UPDATE: This report says that one was killed and five wounded–all women. The attacker, according to another woman who worked at the Federation, shouted “I’m a Muslim American; I’m angry at Israel.” Sounds like an amateur. The salient point, I suppose, is that there are an awful lot of Muslims who believe that if they are “angry,” it’s only natural to open fire. Odd, for a religion of peace.

MORE: Gateway Pundit has much more. The shooter–apparently there was only one–has been described as a Pakistani Muslim, although there is some ambiguity on that point. Local Seattle media have video and photographs which you can access via Gateway Pundit.

If there was really only one attacker, it increases tbe probability that he was a home-grown wannabe, although there is no way to rule out, at this point, connections to international terror groups.



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